Almost everyone has been to a social gathering where all the males show up wearing conservative suits. But then, in strides a guy done up in a loud, flashy tie. Immediately, attention is directed to that little piece of fabric, and its wearer is automatically set apart from all the other suits.

Dealer's Sport Truck of Los Alamitos California offers a product that will set your Chevy grille apart from other trucks: the Glo-Tie, a neon, illuminated Bow Tie emblem. The Glo-Tie is mounted in the same area of the grille where the stock Chevy emblem is located, and installation is a breeze; it just takes a few small handtools and about 1.5 hours.

Step 1: All the necessary hardware components come with the kit: the Chevy Glo-Tie, diode, wires, switch, solderless connectors, and a tube of Loctite Stick N Seal. You'll need a drill, a small handsaw, a file, a file, a Philips screwdriver, and a socket wrench set.
Step 2: The stock grille must be removed to install the Glo-Tie. First use a Philips screwdriver to remove the turn indicators under the headlights. A 9/32-inch socket wrench is then used to remove the screws that secure the grille to the plastic bracing in front of the radiator core support. Remove the stock Chevy emblem by unscrewing the plastic nuts on the back of the grille.
Step 3: Place the front of the grille on a soft surface that won't scratch the chrome as you're cutting. Use a hand drill to start a hole in the embossed area of the grille. Carefully use a small handsaw to cut out the remaining material up to the edge of the embossing. Cut small amounts at a time, and remember you can't put back what you cut away if you make a mistake. File the edges smooth.

Step 4: Place a liberal bead of Loctite Stick N Seal on the rear of the Glo-Tie. While the adhesive sets up, you can route your wires to the interior of the truck. Locate the fuse panel, select your power source, pick a mounting location for the switch (we chose an unused panel next to the radio), and connect the wires using the solderless connectors. Once the Glo-Tie is dried and the wires are connected, reinstall the grille.

Step 5: With the Glo-Tie installed, it definitely shines new light on an otherwise overlooked area of the grille. The fit of the Glo-Tie was exact, and installation was simple. For about a hundred bucks, Dealer's Sport Truck can give your Chevy grille the flashy tie treatment that will set it apart from the crowd.

To order your Glo-Tie kit contact: Dealer's Sport Truck, Dept. ST, 3938 Cerritos Blvd., Los Alamitos, California, 90720. (562)936-1230.

Reprinted with permission from Dealer's Sport Trucks. Author: Bryan Thomas, Photos: Bryan Thomas