by Marshall Spiegel
Reprinted with permission from Dealer's Sport Trucks

To find out more information about lowering your truck please contact:
Dealer's Sport Truck
Dept. ST, 3938 Cerritos Blvd., Los Alamitos, California, 90720
Step 1: The first step for installer Mike Ibold is to carefully measure the front and rear of the '98 Chevy dually to record the stock height.
Step 2: After removing the wheels, Ibold disassembles the front end and loosens the ball joints top and bottom.
Step 3: Next he removes the brake rotor.
Step 4: The front coil springs are removed.
Step 5: Here's a look at the suspension components. Those are the stock spindles, coil springs, and front shocks beneath the new Bell Tech replacements.
Step 6: The new coil springs are installed.
Step 7: Installation of the new drop spindles begins.

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