by Marshall Spiegel
Reprinted with permission from Dealer's Sport Trucks

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Step 15: Here the C notch brace is shown bolted in place. Note the heavy straps used to hold the axle when the leaf spring is removed.
Step 16: The leaf spring is disassembled and the center stud is cut off.
Step 17: The leaf spring is reassembled and installed.
Step 18: This view shows the leaf spring pack installed below the axle. The axle is now "flipped."
Step 19: New, longer U-bolts are installed.
Step 20: The lines are run for the Bell Tech Airjack cockpit- adjustable suspension airbags.
Step 21: The Firestone, heavy-duty airbag compressor is installed in a convenient location under the hood.
Step 22: The airbag compressor gauge is installed beneath the dash.

Step 23: Installation complete. The front and rear are again measured and reflect a drop of 4 3/4 inches in the front and 6 3/4 inches in the rear (that later settled to a true 5/7 drop).